Dinitrol Center for the Groningen region

For the only real preservation of your pride, Dinitrol is the product.
If applied correctly, on the correct parts and sprayed with the specialist tools.
I am certified to treat your vehicle in such a way that it can no longer rust or corrode.

Why Dinitrol?

mineral base
multi-layer system
remains flexible


cleaning and inspecting vehicle and cavities with camera.
repair rust/corrosion damage if necessary.
Apply Dinitrol anti-rust product and let it act for 24 hours.
Apply Dinitrol hollow space preservation products.
Apply Dinitrol underbody coating.

The difference in price and between good and bad treatment is taking the time for:
disassemble enough for access
Tape off parts that do not need to be treated
clean well after treatment
After 1 year as a service check
Corrosion treatment and prevention with Dinitrol guarantees years of carefree driving.

Kind regards,

CHB Automotive
Marthijn Holsteijn

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